Claire Sarfeld is an artist living and working in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Sarfeld grew up in small town southern Ontario, and moved out to B.C. after completing her degree in Fine Arts; Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in Toronto. The primary source of inspiration for Sarfeld’s work has been an exploration of her travels between Canada and the States and the affective experience of camping and exploring nature. This, combined with her time spent living in Toronto has developed her characteristic style that merges influences of the city and nature. Borrowing aspects of both her traditional training and the more intuitive expressions of abstract style Sarfeld manipulates colours and textures inspired by her travels in nature, and the geometric lines of the city – her focus has been creating a balance of order and chaos.

About the work


Sarfeld’s immediate environment is the main source of inspiration behind her paintings, taking inspiration from the lines and colors of her surroundings in order depict movement and abstracted shapes on the canvas. Sarfeld views her practice as a mode of visual storytelling in order to express her environment while welcoming others to find personal feelings and emotions through her work.

“I enjoy creating work in which I’m not limiting myself in my creative endeavors. Pushing the picture plane to create layers and shapes, unconventional horizon lines, and finding moments of clarity; to achieve an overall sense of discovery.”


Sarfeld works primarily with acrylic paint but is by no means limited to this medium. She enjoys incorporating non-traditional elements into her work such as; newsprint, ink, graphite to add more depth, and a sense of discovery to her work.

Sarfeld’s paintings are based around a certain element of chance or performativity. They often rely on the speed of which she paints, and the mark making tools she uses.

In her recent work Sarfeld has made a conscious effort to re-create some of the feelings and sensations she has experienced while exploring the local natural environment. In her upcoming exhibition the viewer will be able to experience this through the re-creation of natural colors and the layering and mixing of colors emblematic of a merging between natural and artificial environments and an experience that is both hers and yours.

Video by: Steady Media