In Claire Sarfeld’s work the artist lets herself fall in love with paint and colour.

Reflecting on David Hockney’s quote “I do not believe there are any off-putting colours” Sarfeld works to combine her signature abstract style with pops of colour outside of traditional colour palettes. She combines wild splashes of paint intertwined with the marks of her collected and handmade tools, she immerses herself with neons, metallics and thick globs of paint. Sarfeld is continuously looking to push her understanding of colour and form through her work in a way she hasn’t before.

Layers of adding and taking away, Sarfeld creates transparent windows revealing her process while denying the viewer in others by creating solid flat surfaces. Sarfeld wants her paintings to transform throughout the day, using the different qualities of light as it streams through the gallery playing off the surface of the painting. This constant state of change pleasantly tricks the viewers eyes into believing the colour changes throughout the day. Sarfeld’s goal is to achieve a sense of disharmony before bringing it back to the balance and flow found in her finished woks. She aims to entice the spectator’s curiosity as their eyes are invited to move throughout the canvas allowing them to question the work as well as adding their own thoughts and ideas.

Claire Sarfeld is a Canadian Artist who currently resides in British Columbia.

Video by: Steady Media